Photographer spotlight : Ifunanya Ojiaku of Ipheellusion photography

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Hi Ifunanya!


Can you tell us about your background and how you got into photography?

I am Ifunanya Ojiaku . A graduate of History and International studies fromUniversity of Nigeria Nsukka and presently a professional photographer. Asfor how I got into photography,it started with seeing the likes of KelechiAmadi and Ty Bello  on T,V. a lot while I was in universirty .And the passion developed from there which I decided to turn into a vision and run
with it.

You seem to have the ability to make the subject relax especially
kids and reveal a candid side to them through your photography. Do you have any tips to achieve this?

Oh wow, First key / tip to achieving this ,is prayer and I am serious.I
pray every time I have to meet my clients especially the babies,you can
never control their emotions and will never too sure of what mood they are
in for the day so prayer helps . Then secondly lots and lots of love and
patience . Finally If it takes making the silliest of sound and dance to
get them laugh ,I will always be at the fore front doing that.

Why did you venture into Children photography?

I think it started as a give away gift to couple that had their weddings
covered by us. We simply offered to shoot their baby for free when they
give birth as an appreciation for using our service .However it became a
gift that kept giving beacuse had a  full portfolio of children and demand
for maternity and children photography in no time.

Is there something you can’t do without in your shots?

Yes , my 85mm. Its a good portrait lens and a lens duster.

How did you light your pictures?


I light my pictures with two good old off the camera speedlites and natural

 What do you currently have in your bag?

Currently I have a 5d Mark II by Canon , 85mm lens, 50mm lens and a 28 mm
lens and two triggers and a duster for my lens

Your view on national & international assignments for our local

I feel that we could do more if given the right platform and structure .

What was your career path? How did you get from being an aspiring
photographer to actually doing it full time, for a living?

Having known that I already love photography since school days, I did not
bother to look for the regular work after school. I simply stuck to
photography and found a studio where i trained and work for two years after which , I resigned to start Ipheellusion photography.

Your view about the photographic industry in Nigeria?

The photography industry is a potential huge one if and when properly
harnessed. I believe we still need proper structures and systems in place
for  a better operation.

The trends to look out for is the specialization of photography .

Many photographers are beginning to find their callings in different types of
photography instead of the general practice of shooting everything and all
types of photography which we were once used to .

Any tips for amateur & semi professional photographers considering
photography as a career path?

Consistence and persistence. these two will take you further . Then
secondly be very intentional about your clients.Love them and treat them as Kings that they are.


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